~Astral wolf~
Rape me, rape me my friend.Rape me, rape me again.I'm not the only one, I'm not the only one!!!Hate me, do it and do it again.Waste me, rape me my friend!!!
Итак...я присоединяюсь к вам господа,ибо пришла я сюда на зов тьмы,что является моей средой обитания....:vamp2:

You know times of peace have gone
Evil rules the world
Blood is pouring like rain
Beast is running wild
Hey, your destiny
is in hands of doom
Keep records of obscenities
You live in sin
You know times of peace have gone
Fallen angel came
He's staring at your soul
He prepares revenge
Hey you, the war goes on
We all face the front
Either God or Lucifer
will give us his rewards
There's no refuge from the power of doom
Fear is pushing us and hut faith
We took our Jesus away from the Cross
and chose demons instead of ourselves
Those who stand at the base of the Cross
can hear the tracherous rattle of gold
verity napping in palms of the Lords
Evil and God get along hand in hand

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